Myrtle Grove Baptist Church

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First Time Attending:

We are a church of about 500 people per weekend with a heart for God and His people! Something our church does very well is provide a warm family atmosphere to all who attend.

Service Layout:

Our service layout is a mixture of Contemporary Worship Music as well traditional songs. We start with a few songs lead by our Worship Team, transition into a Choir piece, then end with a 30-40 minute sermon. We currently run 2 Services on Sundays and Youth on Wednesday nights.

Vision for Worship:

We desire to serve our congregation with the music that we select, but also have a heart to create an environment that young families and college students would enjoy! We currently have a full band play blended worship music consisting of modern and seasoned music, then our wonderful choir leads us in a hymn. We believe this provides a good mixture of traditional and modern so that everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy the worship experience.

MGBC Creative Arts Director

Mission:  To develop a thriving worship ministry under the leadership of the Senior Pastor. Help create a Spirit lead culture of worship that draws people into an encounter with God.


  1. Oversee individual team leaders
    1. Ensure that set lists are being produced and submitted on time
    2. Mentor them in leading the team, and leading the congregation in corporate worship.
    3. Spiritually disciple them.
  2. Maintain relationships with the worship team members through fellowship, discipleship, regular communication, encouragement, and helping them grow in their gifting.
  3. Seek to empower others with responsibilities.
  4. Oversee the Scheduling Software to ensure music materials are available to the team on schedule.
  5. Organize auditions for new musicians and vocalists
  6. Train up new musicians & vocalists, help them integrate onto the team


  1. Oversee music choices with a balance of new/current music, as well as traditional hymns
  2. New music: Ensure new music is approved by the pastor and integrated in an orderly manner.
  3. Oversee special events that require worship team, ensuring a leader and team is available to cover the event.
  4. Develop a yearly written plan for the team that includes:
    1. A yearly budget
    2. Goals for the team leaders
    3. Goals for the overall team
    4. Training and spiritual getaways
  5. Ensure CCLI license reporting is done each year.
  6. Communicate with the Sr Pastor regularly regarding the health and direction of the MGBC Worship Team.
  7. Partner with the Sound/Media Team Director to ensure quality of sound and excellence in production
  8. Oversee maintenance and equipment purchases of musical equipment
  9. Raise up and oversee a Youth Worship Leader

Required Skills:

  1. Proficient with their main instrument and a basic understanding of all the instruments within the worship team
  2. Basic understanding of Ableton Live – Able to transition the team to running Loops and Click during worship on Sundays
  3. Familiar with Pro-Presenter and basic understanding of Sound/AV
  4. Confident vocalist that can lead the congregation in worship
  5. Confident leader who can oversee people and other leaders
  6. Ability to tie scripture to songs for the purpose of shepherding the congregation

Weekly Time Allocation:

Sunday Service  –  4 hours

Goal/Vision Casting  –  2 hours

Personal Development  –  2 hours

Weekly Team Leader Meeting  –  1 hour

Weekly Rehearsal/Sound Check  –  4 hours

Weekly Meetings  –  2 hours

Planning & Preparation  –  4 hours

Total   –  20 hours

Creative Arts Director